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Average citizens step up to aid police after officer murdered in Perry Hall

Posted at 6:38 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 18:39:30-04

He came outside to move some cars for his dad when 20-year old Dakota Kurek witnessed a faceoff between a teenaged suspect in a black Jeep and Officer 1st Class Amy Caprio.

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"The officer was holding her ground in front of the car with her weapon out,” said Kurek, “She said it twice.  She said, 'Get out of the car now!' and they just took off.  They just ran right over the top of her and never stopped... never hesitated."
Dakota spotted the officer lying motionless on the ground and ran to get his father.

"You could tell she was hurt bad,” said Tony Kurek, “She was not making any sound.  She wasn't breathing.  My son and a neighbor started CPR on her as quick as they could.  I got on with 911 and just said, 'You got an officer down.  You need to get here like quickly.  This officer is hurt bad.  Get people here.'"
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A few blocks away on Dawnvale Road, Christopher Squires spotted what proved to be the suspects' car.

"I saw the black Jeep come down around the circle rather quick (and) park behind a neighbor's car,” said Squires, “The guy got out and started to leave the area, which seemed suspicious."
Squires dialed 911 and approached the vehicle when he noticed the back window had been smashed out and a bullet hole in the front windshield.
Police arrived on the scene moments later.

"I just thought it was a stolen vehicle that was being dropped,” added Squires, “When I saw the automatic helicopter and then the helicopters, I realized there was something more going on."
Police arrested 16-year old Dawnta Anthony Harris where they found him about a block away and the arrests of three other teens would follow, but all thoughts here are now focused on the officer who died policing their neighborhood.

"That lady came to work yesterday,” said Tony Kurek, “She showed up to do a job.  She was doing her job and she doesn't go home to her family, and those guys caused it.  I don't want to hear nothing about where they went to school.  What their father and mother did.  They put themselves in a position and this lady died because of it."

While people here on still coming to terms with what they witnessed, they want all prayers now to be focused on the fallen officer and her family.