Peeping Tom making Towson students nervous

Posted at 11:28 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 06:09:09-04
Towson University is investigating reports of a man taking photos of an occupant in a ladies' bathroom on campus Monday.
According to a statement released by the university, the incident occurred on the third floor of the College of Liberal Arts building, one of the most heavily trafficked areas on campus.
"I think it"s just ridiculous that someone would do that," said Jaimie Susson, a junior.  
Towson University Police say they are currently looking for the suspect. 
"I’m in here like 5 times a day and there’s a possibility that someone has me on camera and that just doesn't make me feel safe," Aminat Alimi, a student, told ABC2 News.
Police said the suspect placed a cell phone under the divider took pictures of the occupant.
"Especially on a college campus, it's not something you think about happening on a college campus," said Samantha Moran, a junior at Towson University.
Campus officials alerted students on Monday and urged them to always be vigilant.
"Today I actually made sure that I went to the stall on the side so you couldn't get in from underneath," said Moran.
A strange precaution that students say they're sad to make.
"I got an email about it yesterday and I just couldn't believe it.  I have all my classes in here so it just feels like it's not a safe place," Alimi said.
Campus officials told ABC2 that they're on top of the situation but students are taking proactive steps.

"I usually walk with a lot of people when I'm on campus," said Moran.

"Always be alert, always make sure you know your surroundings," Susson said.

Campus police say any student with information is urged to come forward.

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