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Party goer shot after trying to run over security

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 16, 2018

On the 15th of September, a shooting at a bar named, 15 De September.

It happened Saturday night on Hollins Ferry Road when Baltimore County Police say the lounge/restaurant was hosting a private party.

An uninvited guest tried to make entry but was removed and that is when detectives say he got into his car, drove at the crowd and then turned to run down an armed security guard.

"As he was jumping out of the way he pulled his weapon which he does have a permit to carry and conceal. Pulled his weapon and shot one round into the vehicle," said Officer Jen Peach.

The guard struck the driver, shooting him in the leg but he still drove off.

He was later pulled over by another police agency.

This all happened days after and directly across the street from last week's now double fatal shooting during a funeral at Mt Zion Cemetery.

During Saturday’s incident, the suspect and shooting victim is one in the same and police say he could be facing several charges using his car as a weapon in a crowded parking lot.

"There are a number of charges he could eventually be facing,” Officer Peach said, “He could be facing a first-degree assault charge, he could be facing an attempted murder charge. There are a number of different thigs that are possible."