Neighbors shocked after Parkton murder-suicide

Posted at 4:29 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 17:38:54-05

Neighbors in Parkton say they're shocked after Baltimore County police found a couple dead inside their home on Monday. 

Police say it's possible the two could've been dead for up to a week. 

Dawn Rowe's co-workers told police she hadn't been to work in about a week and they were concerned. When officers got to her and her husband's home, they quickly realized what they were dealing with. 

On a secluded stretch of Dairy Road in Parkton, newspapers are starting to pile up in front of one home in the 1000 block. 

"They were really nice people and they just stayed to themselves," Tim Vancura, one neighbor who knew the couple, said. 

He says the house is where 49-year-old Dawn and her husband 56-year-old Lyttleton Wadell Rowe were found dead. 

"When the cop flagged me down and told me that they hadn't heard anything for a week for her work I knew something was wrong," Vancura said. 

"So we were able to kind of limit the time period to about just over a week ago was the last time that anyone had had any sort of contact with the wife," Officer Jennifer Peach, with the Baltimore County Police Department, said. 

The couple's home is a good distance away from anyone else's -- even Vancura's -- who says he'd see the two every so often. 

"The only time that'd you see them is when they'd have a party every once in awhile," he said. 

Investigators determined the two died from gunshot wounds with no signs of anyone breaking in. 

Police quickly figured out it was a murder-suicide. 

"At this point we do not have a motive. There was no note left. There was no previous indication that this was a possibility that this could happen. There wasn't any active threat," Peach said. 

Vancura says he isn't sure what could've happened either and he and neighbors are stunned. 

"I don't know. It was just strange," he said. 

Police say the Lowes didn't have any children or nearby family adding to why no one may have checked on them for such a long time. 

This case is still under investigation.