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Man killed, another injured in Essex home invasion

Posted at 1:20 PM, Jul 24, 2018

The yellow tape, squad cars and evidence bags were a constant sight on all day, since the wee hours of the morning when neighbors in Essex woke to the sounds of gunfire.

"I just heard shots,” neighbor Chris Thompson said, “Like four or them and I heard a woman screaming and that was it. And then you saw the police everywhere."

And then the police didn't leave...not for almost 12 hours.

Thompson only heard bits and pieces of what happened but even then, the story on Arncliffe Road is fluid.

Baltimore County Police can't say much, not yet, only that one man was found outside the home with a gunshot wound; he is expected to survive.

But then there was another man shot dead inside the house.

It was an apparent home invasion police say, a large scene with multiple crimes.

"It's a complicated crime scene at that point and we have one shooting victim located outside, we have one shooting victim located inside,” said Baltimore County Police Officer Jen Peach, “There are numerous areas of the home that are affected by this overall crime."

And to complicate things further, the man who was killed did not have any ID on him making it tougher for police to piece together this story.

And all of it creating tragic theater as people here go about their daily routines.

"I think it's sad and horrible to see that. That someone would break into somebody's house like that and then they die. It's pretty bad," Thompson said.

Police hope to know exactly how bad and who soon.