Rosedale man indicted in murder of grandfather

Victim died from wounds after struck by candy jar
Posted at 10:42 AM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 06:57:02-04
A Rosedale man has been indicted for murder after he threw a candy jar at his grandfather, who later died of his injuries.
A friend familiar with the family says 32-year old Phillip Misowitz battled alcoholism, but his drunkenness turned downright criminal when he beat up his 77-year old grandfather back in April.
"You only get one grandfather,” said Denice Fisher, who lives near the victim’s home, “So who would want to really maliciously hurt their family?"
Misowitz's mother had moved in with her father, Robert Harmic, to care for him after the death of his wife, and after that assault, ABC2 News was told she did not want to let her son return.
But the kindly grandfather wanted to give him a second chance and ultimately, it cost him his life.
According to charging documents, on Sept.10, Misowitz had been drinking heavily when he threw a pillow at his grandfather knocking over his cup of tea igniting a heated argument.
"During that argument, the suspect grabbed a glass candy jar and threw it at the victim striking him in the head,” said Cpl. John Wachter of the Baltimore County Police Department, “We took the suspect into custody that night (and) charged him with first degree assault and related charges."
The heavy glass caused a two- to three-inch gash in the elderly man's forehead.
Harmic was taking a blood thinner at the time that caused heavy bleeding from the wound.
Misowitz also assaulted his mother before she was able to call 911.
"When our officers arrived on the scene, they encountered the suspect who was sitting on some steps and he commented to them that they were there for him," said Wachter.
Initially, Misowitz faced assault charges, but with death of his grandfather, the grand jury determined this was no accident.
It was first degree murder.

"For somebody to maliciously hurt somebody?  No.  I think that 'an eye for an eye' is what I feel,” said Fisher, “I'm sorry, but you reap what you sow."
Initially, the suspect told police that he and his grandfather had simply punched each other, and when an officer asked if he had anything in his hand when he struck him, he responded by saying, 'I wish I did.'
He's currently being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center with no bail.

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