Family searching for answers in Baltimore County cold case, 8 years later

Posted at 10:38 AM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 17:40:23-05

On a Baltimore City street corner, a small group was spreading joy.

"Happy Valentine's Day,” Rebekah Coverston said.  “These are free gifts."

The annual holiday celebrates love, and Rebekah was hoping to make people smile, even though Valentine's Day brings her so much pain.

"This is in memory of my brother who was murdered eight years ago today," she said.

Daniel Coverston was found inside his Baltimore County apartment shot in the head on February 14th, 2009.   

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The Towson University student was recovering from eye surgery, and left his door open so friends could check on him.  Police poured over the crime scene, but had little to go on.

Eight years later, investigators say the case is cold.

"We don't have any suspect information to this day, we still haven't established a suspect that we could follow up on," said Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach.

Daniel's sister now lives on the West coast, but she and her husband came back to the area for the anniversary of Daniel’s murder.  They spent the day passing out about 1,000 gifts.

"We're hoping that by giving a little small token of love to people in this community and letting them know about Daniel and his life and his legacy, that someone will have sympathy on us and realize how much we miss him,” Rebekah said.  “But if nothing else, I just hope to spread love so that nobody else has to feel the pain we've felt."

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Desperate for answers, and seeking justice, they chose the intersection of Belvedere Avenue and Loch Raven Boulevard because the last phone call Daniel received came from a pay phone that used to stand there.

"We don't know if it was a friend, if it was somebody who wanted to contact him in reference to buying marijuana, we don't know if it was a suspect, we don't know who made that phone call,” Peach said.

But maybe someone else knows.  Maybe someone has that little bit of information that can crack the case.

"We figure that if a person made a pay phone call, maybe he lived right around this area, maybe he or they came right around this area, maybe someone around here knows something," said Rebekah’s husband Ryan Williams.

All they need is one tip to close the unsolved murder, and end eight years of heartache.

Over the last few months the reward being offered in Daniel’s case reached $15,000 for the arrest and conviction of whoever shot and killed him.        

If you can remember anything about Daniel’s murder, call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

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