Couple recounts fighting back against attacker

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-09 10:26:07-05

Baltimore County police need your help finding a man they believe attacked an elderly man at his Cockeysville home in December.

"Even on the road, or when I go to gym, or someplace, anybody I see that's that size, I look at his hand to see. This is terrible," Dr. Bahram Sina said.

Dr. Sina had just picked up his wife Sara at the airport the night before. He was half asleep on an early Monday morning when she told him someone was at the door telling them there was a problem with their well.

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"At the beginning I thought that's my grandson. Then I opened the door partially and told him 'what do you want?' He said 'you have problem with your well'. At least I understood that he said your well. I said 'no we don't have problem and you got the wrong number'," Dr. Sina told ABC2.

He said that is when he went to close the door, but the man pulled his arm and pulled him out onto the porch.

"His hand comes around my mouth and my face and suddenly I got him with my teeth. I fortunately have good teeth. I pressed him as hard as I could. Because he had started to yell, and then my wife heard the problem," he said.

Sara came back to the door and saw her husband in trouble.

"I tried and my hands get together and hit very hard," she said.

That is when the man took off running. Police have released surveillance photos from an area Royal Farms.

Dr. Sina said that is just one location the man went to use his credit cards. He said there is a possibility that he lost his wallet in the struggle outside but Dr. Sina thinks perhaps the man stole it earlier at the airport and thought the couple would be an easy target once they were home.

It took just a quick look at those photos for the couple. 

"This is the same son of a b***h. I don't even have to look at his hand," Dr. Sina said.

He said, as a physician, that bite of the man's hand does have him worried since he may have broken the skin and is another reason he wants him caught.

"I hope they get an HIV test on him and I'll be safe. Otherwise, I have to go through hell perhaps through HIV treatment or at least close observation," he said.

While he figures out the next move for his health, Dr. Sina said he and Sara are doing fine.

He feels better knowing that the pictures are out there and police are hopefully one step closer to finding the suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to call 410-887-6979.