Carjackers assault 76-year-old Parkville man

Assault derails plans to visit family in Florida
Posted at 6:44 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 07:22:53-04

A day after criminals robbed him in the middle of the afternoon on Loch Shiel Road in Parkville, 76-year-old Larry Conley stepped back out of his house to describe the events, which cost him his car, his vacation plans and a trip to the hospital.

"My family expected me Sunday, and I was getting ready to go today,” said Conley, “So I was packing up and everything when I came up to the door and it shattered right in front of me."
A short time earlier, Conley says he had seen three young men walking down the sidewalk looking inside vehicles, but it never dawned on him that they would set him up.

"Then I walked back out there and they had turned around and somehow they must have come and run up because I didn't stumble.  I actually fell flat forward," recounted the victim.
Knocked to the ground, Conley says the three teens piled on top of him.

"They were holding me down and they said, 'Give me your keys', and I said, 'I don't have the keys', and the one went into my pocket and he grabbed them and he knew what he was looking for," said Conley, "Within 30 seconds, they jumped in the car and off they were gone." 
Gone in Conley's white 2016 Toyota Corolla, which police say has already produced two hits from Anne Arundel County where it was spotted by the statewide license plate recognition system, which is used to track down stolen vehicles.
Police suspect the teens came to that neighborhood in search of a victim and found Conley to be an easy target.

"It doesn't happen very often and they definitely were looking for something.  They were definitely looking for trouble,” said Officer Jennifer Peach of the Baltimore County Police Department, “We have witnesses that say they saw these three kids in the neighborhood earlier---even at one time hiding behind a bush."
In addition to his car, the criminals got away with some tapes, an Ipad and a Ravens blanket, but Conley says they've also stolen his sense of security remaining in his home of the last 16 years.

"I'm thinking of moving to Florida, but I'd hate to have my son find that out.  My son lives out in Western Baltimore or Western Columbia," said Conley.
"Is he nervous about your safety?  Is he wanting you to move out of here after this?" we asked.
"He said something about moving to a safer neighborhood," he replied.