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Baltimore County couple arrested for auto thefts, credit card fraud and other charges

Posted at 4:12 PM, Nov 02, 2017

Baltimore County Police officers have arrested and charged a couple for multiple thefts from vehicles as well as one theft of an auto.

Police say 39-year-old Charles Allen Fry, of no fixed address, and 30-year-old Lauren Michelle Richardson, of the 300 block of Hidden Valley Rd in Tracys Landing, are charged with multiple counts of theft, credit card fraud, thefts from autos and stealing a truck.

Police say the first incident occurred on September 28 at Honeygo Park on Honeygo Blvd in White Marsh when a woman found her Jeep’s window broken and her purse stolen. An hour later, the same officer responded to Perry Hall Park on Honeygo Blvd for a victim who had received an alert on her phone that her cred it card was declined at the Best Buy store on Campbell Blvd. When she returned to her truck, she found that someone had stolen her purse.

Upon investigation, police found that the charges were made on another of the victim’s credit cards at Best Buy and the BP Gas Station on Campbell Blvd. Police say soon after, the victim received an anonymous tip on Facebook identifying the suspects as Fry and Richardson; which police were able to confirm.

Weeks later on October 11, a Baltimore City police officer stopped a Ford F-150 that was reported stolen out of Baltimore County; it was being driven by suspects Fry and Richardson. Police say the truck was stolen on September 24 from the NCR trail parking lot on Paper Mill Rd; a key was left inside the vehicle. Items stolen from the White Marsh auto thefts were also found inside the truck, as well as drug paraphernalia and tools used for breaking into vehicles, according to a press release.

Police are continuing to investigate other possible crimes being linked to the coup as other similar incidents have happened at Honeygo Park, Perry Hall Park and LA Fitness on Town Center Drive.

Baltimore County Police want to issue the following reminder to citizens:

"The Baltimore County Police Department warns citizens not to leave valuables in their vehicles, locked or unlocked, and never to leave a key to the vehicle or another vehicle inside a car. Places like Gunpowder Park or NCR Trail parking lots where vehicles are left for long periods of time are target rich environments for thieves like Fry and Richardson. Pay special attention to anyone walking around a parking lot that doesn't appear to have a specific purpose for being there. It should be noted that parks like Honeygo and Perry Hall are used for childrens' sports and both were highly populated when these two thefts occurred. Please, remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings; reporting anyone who appears out of place or involved in any suspicious activity. For more information on how to keep your possessions safe from thieves check out the Baltimore County Police website Safety Tips."