Baltimore County 15-year-old stabbed by another teen laid to rest Tuesday

Court documents shed more light on killing
Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 17:53:16-05

Family, friends and strangers packed into the funeral home Tuesday to pay their final respects to Moses Lorenso, with mourners taking to social media after the services to share their heartbreak and pain over his sudden death.          

The 15-year-old was stabbed last Wednesday evening, then left lying in the street to die.

It didn't take long for Baltimore County detectives to narrow in on 17-year-old Markel Dates as the suspect in the deadly attack.  He was arrested hours later and charged as an adult with first-degree murder.

Police tell us Lorenso and Dates had an on-going feud and just happened to run into each other on Twin Lakes Court.  Arrest paperwork sheds more light on exactly what happened that night.

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According to the documents, Dates admitted to investigators that he and Lorenso got into a fight, and he pulled out a folding knife.  He says he waved the blade at Lorenso and then "blacked out,” claiming he didn't think Lorenso was stabbed.  The paperwork says Dates was pulled off Lorenso by a friend, and he ran, ditching the knife in the woods.

Loved ones came together Friday to lean on each other for support.  They lit candles for Lorenso, the pain and confusion still raw.

"It was just sickening to know that somebody could take someone's life like that for no reason," said friend Alanna Phillips.

The Randallstown teen's mother begging everyone there to stop the violence and love each other.

"Don't hate each other, don't, stop, no, no, no,” Workweha Teka said.  “Don't die like this, no, no, you have a lot of potential to do good things, this is my message, please."

Tuesday she buried her only son, yet hopes Lorenso's classmates can learn from his death.

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