Man attacks 2 with hatchet, shot by officer

Posted at 12:03 AM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 00:03:07-04
Another officer involved shooting, this time in Baltimore County. The Middle River community where it happened  is still in shock this weekend.
Police say a man attacked two people with a hatchet, left the scene then slit his own throat, causing a Baltimore County officer to shoot him.
Residents who live there are not used to hearing reports of violence against their neighbors, but that's exactly what happened Saturday night.
"The suspect and a woman went to a home in the 200 block of Wampler road.  While they were at the location, the suspect assaulted a man and woman in the home with a hatchet," Corporal John Wachter, of The Baltimore County Police Department, told ABC2.
Police say the suspect left and went to his home on grove thorn road where he lives with a relative.
"That same relative led the officer downstairs. While they were downstairs, the suspect came out from under some stairs holding a large knife which he used to then cut his own neck," Wachter told reporters.
That's when the suspect fell down, dropped the knife then lunged toward the officer.
"This caused the officer to fear for her life and the life of the relative that was also present so she fired her weapon a single time to neutralize the threat," said Wachter.
Police are trying to piece together what happened and what could've precipitated the assault.
"I don't know for sure if the suspect knew who they were because we still don't know why the suspect and the woman went to that home," said Wachter.
For now, police don't think the suspect knew the victims but that  doesn't ease the worries of those who live here.
The suspect is in critical condition but stable.  The officer was not hurt and is on administrative leave until the investigation wraps up.  The suspect will face charges.