14-year-old killed after car crashes into bicycle

A 19-year-old was sent to the hospital
Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 18:07:18-05

Baltimore County police are still investigating a crash that killed a 14-year-old boy and sent a 19-year-old woman to the hospital. 

14-year-old Jamal Anderson's track coach said she's worked with him for about six years. In that time, she watched him grow and had high hopes for the teen whose life was taken too soon. 

The fields on Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore are quiet during the day and come track practice at Robert C. Marshall Recreation Center, there will be one less teammate. 

"He would of probably, eventually, moved up to being a multi-event person where they do about five to six different things within the track," Mary Haynes, Anderson's coach, said. 

Haynes had coached Anderson since he was eight. 

The teen died Friday night after being hit while on a bike with a 19-year-old woman by an oncoming driver. 

"He enjoyed life and he just always had that smile on his face so to hear that he died, and then died so tragically, my heart just sunk," Haynes said, recalling the moments after she learned Anderson died. 

Baltimore County police are still investigating the Liberty Road crash, but they did arrest 23-year-old Conrad Thorpe. 

He's charged with DUI and is in jail without bail. 

"Liberty Road is a high traveled road. There are no bike lanes in that area. So those are one of the factors that adds to this," Ofc. Jennifer Peach, with the county's police department, said. 

Investigators say the hard part of this investigation is determining if the teens were in the road or on the sidewalk. 

"The disturbing part is that we have a 14-year-old dead as a result of this," Peach said. 

"At some point, we're not just coaches, we become like second parents to them. He'd come to my house. He became like a family member," Haynes said. 

For Haynes, it's a void she says will be tough to fill. 

"He was just a fantastic kid. He loved sports, but he loved to read. He loved to draw," she said. 

Investigators say they're hoping they can get surveillance videos from nearby businesses to piece this crash together. 

Haynes says she and the track team are meeting on Tuesday. 

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