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Woman victimized for third time after bike is stolen, wants to raise awareness about security

Posted at 11:20 PM, Jul 03, 2018

A Baltimore woman hopes to keep you safer by sharing her story of being victimized.  A thief made off with her mountain bike but this isn't the first time thieves targeted her, however it's the first time she caught it all on video.

"I would hate to move because of this but there are a lot of neighbors on this block who are moving because of this," Teresa Parrotta told WMAR 2 News.

Parrotta loves her home near Patterson Park; she doesn't love that it's been broken into, that thieves stole her Jeep's tire and most recently, bent and scaled her fence to steal her mountain bike.

"This time it was just another reminder that I just have to have everything chained up at all times," she said.

Parrotta's surveillance camera caught someone scaling the side of her home, to her econd floor balcony; just steps from her bedroom.

"In this instance, you know my bedroom being there you could think what if somebody tried to get in your room or into your house."

It was the one day she had left her bike unlocked. The thief brazenly jumps down into her neighbor's yard then takes off with the bike.  She said crime has gotten worse since she moved in.

"I've personally seen people who were mugged on this street, I've chased after people who've mugged neighbors on the next block," remembered Parrotta.

Now, she's got a clear view of one of the troublemakers.

"When it comes to your home, and you do everything you can in your power to protect your home and your belongings it does feel like a constant invasion on privacy."

Parrotta has cameras all around her home.  She saidshe'd love to get her bike back but she wants people to be aware that anyone can become a victim.

"I posted the video on Facebook one for just constant awareness so people don't let their guards down. I honestly feel that a lot of the crime that's happening is coming from people who live in the community."

Parrotta notified the police and says she's noticed the increased patrols in the area.    She urges everyone to invest in a security system and hopes to get justice.