Wife in alleged love triangle says her husband didn't kill a volunteer firefighter

Posted at 5:21 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 17:20:58-05

35-year-old Daniel Greene of Harford County remains in jail tonight.

He was denied bail Thursday in his Baltimore bail review based on the facts in the charging documents:

Volunteer firefighter Jon Hickey was found shot once in the head in his Upper Fells Point living room, all his valuables left untouched, in fact, nothing was disturbed except a back bedroom door which was left open.

It was a strange scene if not for surveillance video police say shows Greene breaking into that very same door from the back of the house.

"There really aren’t that many open and shut cases, especially in terms of a homicide," Greene defense attorney Singleton Mathews said.

Mathews freely admits, yes, Daniel Greene had dated Hickey's girlfriend in the past, while he was married.

Greene’s wife is now aware of their relationship which he says ended in September.

Mathews says that's important because it is Greene's wife saying he was right where he was supposed to be the night of the murder, sleeping right next to her and not an hour away in Baltimore City committing murder.

Greene’s wife is a lockdown alibi Mathews says that could be proved out by physical evidence.

"I believe that if police were able to check his cell phone and use the information recorded in there it will show that he was not in Fells Point at the time they are alleging that this crime occurred," Mathews said.

The attorney will have to file a motion for the GPS information but Greene says it will exonerate him.

But as Greene was sent back to a holding cell late yesterday morning, Jon Hickey's life was celebrated by friends and family.

The volunteer firefighter about to turn pro was laid to rest in Sykesville.

Love triangle or not, there are now three sharp points to this story causing a whole lot of pain.

Meanwhile, Daniel Greene is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in this case on January 2, 2018.