West Baltimore residents want more police presence after fatal shooting

15-year-old boy was shot, killed on Tuesday
Posted at 4:15 PM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 17:21:58-04

Neighbors say the response isn’t enough.

Officers spent most of Wednesday patrolling the blocks around North Fremont Avenue after 15-year-old Jeffrey Quick was shot and killed there Tuesday.

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The letters “R.I.P.” lay as permanent tribute on a slab of sidewalk on the corner, near Bennett Place, is no stranger to violence.

But it’s also where Terraya Moore’s one-year-old daughter plays.

“It gets me a little shaky because she could’ve been caught in the crossfire. Like she could’ve been right here while they were shooting,” Moore said.

The shooting left behind 23 bullet casings. Baltimore Police are investigating the case, but in the meantime they’ve upped patrols in the area.

Moore says she wants more.

“I feel like they should’ve been riding around. They’ve should’ve been patrolling because we have so many drug dealers out that’s causing the drama,” Moore said.

Now she’s considering leaving the neighborhood after only being there a few months.

It’s a precautionary measure for not only her, but for her family.

“I’ve heard so much, not even seen, I’ve heard so much – the gunshots. I live on the corner, so my daughter is my main concern. That’s my main concern,” Moore said.

Creating a safe space is a goal for police commissioner Kevin Davis as well, but he admitted it’ll take a community to clean up the streets.

“We need partners. We need people to not be complicit with criminal activity and we need people to give us information when crime is occurring outside their businesses,” Davis said.

Whatever it takes, Terraya says, but she won’t wait for long.

“I want to watch my daughter grow up. I don’t want to walk outside and be one of the innocent bystanders that gets caught in the crossfire,” she said.