Vigil held for 9-year-old boy found dead in East Baltimore

Family says painkillers killed him
Posted at 11:19 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 23:21:17-04

Dante Heggie broke his left arm. 

It was the second time in 8 months. 

He tried jumping over a fence and didn’t make it. That’s what a 9-year-old does. 

Challenge himself and heights. 

The pain though was too much. So before 6 a.m yesterday, Dante went to the cabinet for medicine to ease the pain. 

Evidently whatever he took killed the pain and him. 

Tuesday night on the street where he lived with his dad there was a vigil. 

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WMAR-2 News saw a daughter holding her daddy with all her might, whispering in his ear, “It’s not your fault.” 

Little boys and girls who went to Cecil Kirk Elementary with Dante were crying like babies.  After all, they are babies. Too young enough to really feel the pain that a father feels tonight.

He kept saying, “I did everything for him, ironed his clothes, gave him showers.” 

He did everything, but now, the pain will be with him forever. 

An autopsy will determine exactly how Dante died.