Third Baltimore police involved shooting caught on body cam

Police to release video next week
Posted at 5:03 PM, Mar 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 18:21:40-04

The first police involved shooting captured on a body worn camera in Baltimore happened on Black Friday last year.

In that incident, a man was threatening people at the corner of Greenmount Avenue and 33rd Street in Waverly, wielding two knives.

In that video, two officers warned the man several times to drop the weapons and there was at least one attempt at using a Taser.    

Police then shot the man several times.

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The suspect would survive the shooting and it would be the first police involved shooting caught on the department's still young body worn camera program.

The Baltimore Police Commissioner set a precedent shortly thereafter by quickly releasing the video for the public to see.

Releasing video is what the department did yet again early last month.

It took just a couple of days for BPD to release the body worn camera video of Detective David Kincaid after he shot an armed Curtis Deal who, as you can see in the video, ran from police before finally beginning to raise his gun at the officer.

Kincaid fired seven bullets striking deal four times killing the 18 year old, an act of self-defense police say this video bears out.

Now, Friday; a 39-year-old man holding a one and four year old at knife-point.

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Baltimore Police called in SWAT and after a barricade situation, one SWAT officer took the shot killing the man.

Less lethal force was not an option police say, something they say may also be evident in the body worn camera footage from several officers involved in this incident.

"There were a number of body worn cameras on scene,” Baltimore Police Chief T.J. Smith said. “There are well over 900 body worn cameras deployed on police officers throughout the city of Baltimore and a combination of officers in patrol and SWAT functions, so there were body worn cameras on scene at the time of the shooting."

Baltimore Police say they will release this latest video sometime next week.

BPD says it is fortunate that the last three police involved shootings were caught on camera.

While there are now 900 officer wearing cameras right now, the department is still on pace to outfit its entire force by next year.

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