Thieves as young as 12 rob woman and newborn baby in north Baltimore

Posted at 5:07 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 18:46:44-04

The wife of WBAL radios's Brett Hollander was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday while she was holding her 7-week-old baby in her arms. 

Police say a group then stole her car. 

It happened in the middle of the day around 4:30 p.m. Witnesses say a group of kids, as young as 12 years old, have wreaked havoc on Springlake Way off Northern Parkway. 

Neighbors say it's not supposed to happen there -- at least not during the day. 

There were two armed robberies on Springlake Way. The uptick in crime has forced Baltimore police to up patrols and walk the streets. 

"It was a seven-week-old. This is a traumatic incident, a seven-week-old. Seven weeks out of the womb and is a victim of a carjacking," Chief T.J. Smith, with the Baltimore Police Department, said. 

A mother was holding her newborn when a group of kids pulled a gun on her, raised it to her head, and forced her to hand over her keys. 

They made off with her Volkswagen Passat. 

A similar incident happened on Mother's Day where a group of kids made the same type of threat to another woman who lived on the road. 

They stole the woman's cellphone. 

"The possibility is off the charts high.This is more than likely the same group of people and that's what we've seen in a lot of these cases," Smith said. 

Jennifer Smith and her dog Luna exercise in the affluent neighborhood daily. News of an armed robbery, she says, comes with the territory.

"We're still in the city and not immune from things around us and when you live here you have to be aware of that reality," Jennifer said.

 A level of awareness that even shook her. 

"It was the afternoon. It was very crowded here yesterday afternoon. A lot of kids, a lot of little kids out. It's a little more unusual than say morning or night time. So yeah, I was a little rattled," Jennifer continued. 

Rattled but alert. 

Now police are confident they'll find the group responsible. 

"It's going to show a collective resolve because the community is mobilizing with the police department to track down the people responsible for this crime."

There has been an increase in police presence and they're canvassing the entire area looking for clues and theses suspects. 

If you have any information, call Baltimore police. 

Police recovered the stolen Volkswagen Passat on Wednesday. They arrested two juveniles who tried driving away in the stolen car. 

Two more juvenile suspects were arrested as well. Officers also recovered a weapon. At this time, the juveniles aren't charged in the carjacking. More arrests are possible.