Surveillance video shows people running following Federal Hill shooting

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 06:17:05-05

An Annapolis man opened fire as the bars let out in Federal Hill over the weekend, Baltimore Police said. 

Police said Steven Perkins of Annapolis fired gun shots that sent people running down Cross Street past Saleem Jalal’s Ultimate Pizza.

Jalal’s surveillance video captures a crowd of people, even some of his customers who just left his shop, running back up the street…even ducking behind cars.

Early Sunday morning when the shots rang out, Jalal helped people into his restaurant.

"Safety wise because if somebody is doing something outside so I want to bring them in there and keep everybody safe and ya know, be all right," he said. 

Police said it all resulted from an argument on Cross Street.

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Perkins shot two people, both unintended victims. They are both expected to be all right.

Still, it was a hectic scene, and while police were able to make a quick arrest, they are still asking for any video that may be out there.

"What we are asking is if anyone has any footage of the argument, the shooting or anything at all we would want them to reach out to investigators because even though we've made an arrest we are always looking for additional evidence," Baltimore Police Detective Jeremy Silbert said.              

Evidence like Jalal’s video may help piece together the entire story and, shop owners hope, help get back to business as usual on Cross Street.

“Yeah it's gonna be better for the next week hopefully," Jalal said.               

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