Student assaults caught on camera

Call for Baltimore City Schools to end violence
Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 17:16:32-04
The cell phone video captures the moment when a pair of girls attacked two others with the most violent aggressor dragging a 15-year-old by her hair into the street and beating her when she was down.
"It's a whole gang of people around them,” said the victims’ mother, Angie Johnson, “My son is trying to break up... it's a fight between his two sisters.  He doesn't know which way to go and he's a little teeny thing so he's trying to break up both fights.  School police were involved."
Of course, Johnson is upset that two girls attacked her 14 and 15-year old daughters on Thursday outside Friendship Academy on East Northern Parkway, especially after the verbal threats began inside a classroom and the school claimed it had resolved the problem an hour earlier.
Five days later, Johnson says the same two assault suspects began threatening her daughters on Instagram.
"She's like, 'I'll see you tomorrow.  Don't worry.  I'm not gonna whip you.  I don't want to go to jail,' read the mother from screen shots she grabbed from the exchange, “So my daughter's like, 'What's going down tomorrow?'  She said, 'You'll see.'"
For her part, Johnson says she has already seen enough---visual evidence of a pair of assaults on her daughters, and she wants assurances from the school system that  whatever disciplinary action it has taken against the aggressors will be enough to protect the victims from further harm.
"She drug her into the middle of oncoming traffic.  A car could have hit her... killed her,” said Johnson, “I mean these kids being bullied and assaulted like this, other kids think it's hilarious.  It's a game.  'Oh look!  They got beat up and...'  But you never know.  There was a young man yesterday who killed himself from being bullied.  It's happening every day and it's got to stop."
The school system issued a statement today claiming it takes all reports of bullying very seriously and all of them are investigated.
It went on to say that the district is working with the school to address this situation.