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Still no answers in cases of three missing women in Baltimore

Posted at 1:51 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2018-12-12 16:28:41-05

Three women from Baltimore are still missing and police say at least one of the cases has now turned into a homicide investigation.

Joanna Clark and her daughter, Shariece, were last seen in February, separately, at two different points throughout the day.

Police say ever since the day they were last seen, there has been no trace of either two on social media or anywhere hinting as to where they could be, or even if they’re still alive.

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At this point, Baltimore police are fearing the worst. 

"We're not talking about runaways. We're talking about situations where we know that the people are at significant risk of harm or we know harm has possibly been done to them," Chief T.J. Smith, head of media relations for the police department, said. 

Joanna and Shariece were active on social media and then that day...the posts stopped. 

"She wasn't having trouble with anything. She wasn't thinking about leaving. She has seven kids. She loves her kids, she loves her job, She's not going anywhere," Alred Clark, Joanna's older brother said.

ABC2 spoke to Alfred says he, like investigators, is puzzled as to what happened to his younger sister.

Investigators are also looking into what happened to 22-year-old Akia Eggleston. An 8-month pregnant woman who went missing in early May.

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Officers say given her state, she would’ve had the baby by now and that they haven’t had any record of her nor a baby being born to an Akia Eggleston since she’s been reported missing.


Her aunt is desperate for information. 

"I'm just pleading with anybody that's watching or anybody that hears anything to please contact us, the family, friends, police. If you see anybody that looks like her -- her child needs its mother," Sanobia Wilson said. 

While police say the cases aren't related, the objective remains the same -- bringing these women home safely. 

But the clues, and the information, are running dry.