Stepson of prominent defense attorney killed over holiday weekend

$10K offered in death of Warren Brown's stepson
Posted at 4:21 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 08:26:16-04

Five people have been killed so far this holiday weekend in Baltimore including the stepson of prominent city defense attorney Warren Brown.

Baltimore Police released surveillance video of the murder. In it you can see a silver Volkswagen pull up, two men jump out and open fire on another car.

"They are like...animals who are preying on innocent people and Cody was an innocent person," Stepfather Warren Brown said.

Louis "Cody" Young was one of four people in that other car. The 22-year-old was shot multiple times and died.

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Brown said his stepson was not a guy in the game, he wasn't not the kind of person Brown has admittedly made a career of representing and now because of Cody's murder this weekend, he won't represent anymore.

"You got one trigger puller going after another trigger puller, I ain’t got any problem with that quite frankly, that is a culling of the heard, but when you got innocent people getting caught up in this's not, um, I am just not going to be capable of dealing with those people," Brown said.

Those kind of people, some of which Brown says he used to defend, are causing what he calls a rampage in the city.

That rampage is currently defined by 175 homicides, the last five happening so far this holiday weekend.

In addition to Young's killing, police are working to solve a murder from East Chase Street, two more on the west side at Argyle Avenue and McCulloh Street and then this morning on Ready Avenue off York Road.

"Certainly homicide detectives will check to see if there are any similar characteristics if any of the incidents or any other violence could be related, but it is going back to public assistance and people calling us with information," Detective Jeremy Silbert said.

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But for a veteran defense attorney, he is seeking his own information.

Backed with $10,000 and his reputation, Warren Brown wants tips to find the men who killed his stepson for arrest and conviction.

"Hopefully this reward money will loosen some lips and hopefully those clients I had out there who still have some contacts, they will get with me...a couple of them have already. And so ya know, I mean, I've tried as much as I can not to seek vengeance and to seek justice but quite frankly, either one will do," Brown said.