Second triple shooting in as many days in Baltimore

Posted at 4:21 PM, Jun 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 17:43:29-04

On some city streets, the old crime tape doesn't even have time to blow away before a new roll is used to stretch, run and flutter around yet another gun crime.

The latest Baltimore City triple shooting happened in Brooklyn Homes.

Police say late Friday morning three people were shot during a dice game on the front porch.

A 16- and 17-year-old were struck, a 23-year-old man as well.

"What we know right now is what we have. We have three young men that were outside involved in a dice game, the shooter came from the alley, opened fire. Senseless violence. Something that is frustrating, something that we are dealing with," said Baltimore Police Detective Nicole Monroe

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Broad daylight is cliché, a tired phrase but this happened on a bright summer morning, with kids out and about. Broad, bold...and no longer shocking, not for those who have been around a while.

"Someone tipped me off two blocks away that there was a shooting up here and I thought I gotta see what is going on because this is the fourth or fifth one since Thursday," local business owner Pat Wills said.

Wills has owned her business with her husband on Patapsco Avenue for 50 plus years.

Lately it's been hot around here she says, and as a citizen on patrol she feels all this violence must somehow be connected.

"It had been quiet for a few weeks for months before that but I mean this seems to run in spurts," she said.

Spurts of people literally gunning for one another, drawing a circle of violence around the neighborhood.

It is a circle police hope to break before it can continue.

"Retaliation is always something that we are going to look into whenever we have an incident of violence. Whether or not that is the case this time I just don't know. Obviously that is something detectives are going to look into," Detective Monroe said.

All three victims of this shooting are expected to survive. One of the victims had drugs on their person, police suspect heroin.