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Robbery suspect dies after being shot by Canton liquor store employee

Police still searching for second suspect
Posted at 8:55 AM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 11:09:33-04

BALTIMORE — On Monday an empty squad car sits at the intersection of Patterson Park Avenue and Fleet street, directly in front of the House of Spirits liquor store.

Saturday night, police say two armed men entered the store, but the owner, who is also a licensed and armed bail agent, fought back. Shots were exchanged inside, and police say it may have spilled outside.

One of the two suspects got as far as a block away to Eastern Avenue before he collapsed and bled into the fresh and falling snow. He later died. There is another suspect though, and he is still at large.

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The family who owns this business is rattled, nervous and still visibly upset.

Residents told WMAR-2 News off camera that crime is getting worse in the city, and some are looking to move.

"It's surprising, it's a little startling but you can’t be oblivious to the fact that that this is a high crime city," said one resident.

One resident named Katelyn just bought her home around the corner, she like so many other in Baltimore says she keeps her head on a swivel.

"Yeah it is scary. I hate that it happened. You just got to keep on your toes and just remember that you aren’t safe in any part of the city."

Iliad Ridao also lives just a few doors down from the store. He was one of many customers who stopped by to show the owners support and says the family is well known on this block.

"Fortunately, none of them got hurt in that situation. It's unfortunate that due to whatever addiction aspect that is involved or that their desperation to get money, like, they lost their life over it," said Ridao.

The Baltimore Police Department declined an on-camera interview for this story. The department says it is looking at surveillance video but have failed to release a description for the suspect still at large.

While this death is technically a homicide, it will be up to the state's attorney’s office whether or not to rule this as justifiable.

In the meantime, the family that owns the store is beefing up security.