Robbery suspect in custody after barricade on Pulaski Highway

Posted at 10:13 AM, Feb 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 18:00:40-05
Captured by our cameras after a lengthy standoff, a robbery suspect who tested police and motorists was held at bay along Pulaski Highway in Rosedale during the late morning commute.
A few hours earlier, patrol cars had stationed themselves up and down the highway as tactical teams surrounded the Deluxe Plaza Motel.
"We're right down here at 6311 and apparently I came in this morning and it was shut off since 9:30 they had it blocked off," said Jeff Fiorucci who owns a nearby business.
Baltimore County police say they had tracked the suspect to the motel and called in the Baltimore City police to assist them as they attempted to serve a warrant.
"Whenever we are attempting to serve a warrant one someone who has committed a more serious crime then this is more of a safety tactic that we use to surround the area first and then attempt to make contact with the person," said Ofc. Jennifer Peach of the Baltimore County Police Department, "Once we were able to make contact with the suspect, he initially was hesitant to come out to talk to us." 
That's when police attempted a different tactic with success.
"Then I saw a car had an escort by an officer,” said Fiorucci, “I guess it was a family member and they came out and they were yelling, 'Give yourself up!  You know.  We love you!  We love you!'  So I guess he gave himself up."
With the suspect cuffed and secured in police custody, detectives entered the room where the man had been holed up and found further evidence that all of the precautions police had taken were well warranted.
"We did find a firearm inside the motel room," confirmed Peach.
While police are not sharing details of the man's alleged crimes, the motel's manager says he was informed by officers that the suspect may be tied to three bank robberies, along with a heist at a Royal Farms store, but formal charges are still pending.
At last check, detectives are still questioning the suspect and by law, we're told they must allow the suspect to appear before a court commissioner to face formal charges within 24 hours of serving that warrant.
So at this point, the clock is still running.

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