POLICE: Suspect in 7-Eleven police-involved shooting identified

Posted at 12:05 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 17:33:30-04

Since November last year, body worn camera footage of each police involved shooting has been released after every incident in Baltimore City.

Like those, this latest instance left the officer no choice police say.

The suspect was armed and as you can see in the video, the squad car pulls up in plain view and still, the 20 year old chose to flee the store gun in hand.

Police say 17 year Baltimore Police veteran Officer Kevin Amy did it by the book when confronted with an armed felony in progress and the danger of a fleeing suspect in possession of a firearm.

Today we learned that suspect is 20 year old Eric Garrison.

Garrison was arrested just weeks ago on a burglary charge but he may be responsible for much more.

Yesterday the Baltimore Police Department told us Garrison could be linked to 20 to 30 armed robberies of convenience stores.

"Our investigators are in fast forward with the investigation now that we know we have a suspect in previous robberies so we can accelerate those and develop other suspects," Chief T.J. Smith said.

The most recent robbery is yet another 7-11.

This time it was the store on Erdman Avenue in East Baltimore.

This location was robbed on Sunday and as you can see from the still images obtained from the surveillance video, it is strikingly similar to Monday morning; same hoodie, same mask and most importantly...the same exact sawed off shotgun with a white taped handle.

Police are almost sure the Erdman Avenue suspect is Garrison and now want to find the rest of his crew.

Police already released video of the man they believe cased the 7-11 on Harford road yesterday and would like to find him and maybe one other suspect responsible for the summer long spree.

According to court records, Garrison was charged with armed robbery before but that was a juvenile case.

Police say their detectives are continuing to piece together the list of other commercial robberies Garrison and others may be involved in.

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