ATF special agents involved in shooting in West Baltimore

Posted at 3:55 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 23:29:22-04

A man is in the hospital and another is on the run, after Baltimore Police say the two tried robbing three federal agents. 

Police say the two men were armed when they approached those agents, forcing them to act quickly. 

Crime scene tape isn't usually wrapped around the banisters at West Baltimore Street's Christian Community Church of God. 

"I've never seen tape, actually, this close to our facility. It's shocking because we all know that Baltimore is changing, but we've never seen anything to this magnitude," Melody Green-Lewis, the church's administrator, said.

The church is a stone's throw from where federal agents shot the two attempted robbers. 

"It's very alarming to me for someone to come into the neighborhood and wreak this kind of havoc on all of the people that live here," Green-Lewis said. 

A source tells ABC2 News, the robbers ran up to a truck to 'strong arm' sellers in a drug and gun deal -- the sellers were in fact undercover agents. 

"Fearing for their lives, seeing two armed gunmen aiming guns at their direction, they discharged their firearms," Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis said. 

Davis says the agents were inside a truck when all of this happened. One of them shot at the men, hitting one suspect. 

The other ran away. 

Agents canvassed nearby homes, fire escapes, and corner stores trying to find him.

"What concerns the community is what concerns the police department  and that's two armed gunmen in the middle of the afternoon engaging in an apparent robbery attempt in broad daylight," Davis said. 

It's concerning for Green-Lewis, whose been part of the community for 45 years, and says she and neighbors won't put with violence on their block.

"That's not indicative of who we are and what this neighborhood is about," she said. 

Police say the suspect who was shot will survive. They haven't identified him yet. 

Officers recovered a loaded revolver, similar to the gun in the movie 'Dirty Harry.'

Officers are still looking for the man that got away, he is armed.