Police release video of homicide in E. Baltimore

Posted at 5:37 PM, Dec 29, 2015

To most people, he's number 340.  Another digit as the city's casualty count inches towards the highest number of murders ever.   

Surveillance video released Tuesday from outside an East Baltimore convenience store shows the final moments of an 18-year-old's life.  Baltimore Police hope the chilling images make people speak up.      

It's been nearly 48-hours since 18-year-old Rykeise Shaw was murdered.  Balloons mark the spot along Greenmount Avenue, but it was a surveillance camera outside the business that caught the killer in the act.

"It was bold and brazen,” said Baltimore City Police Spokesperson, T.J. Smith.

He tells us this wasn't a random shooting.         

On the video you see the two suspects pull up in separate vehicles, and walk inside the building.  When Shaw and a friend show up, the pair who appear to be waiting for them walks outside.  The triggerman shoots Shaw once in the head killing him.          

It all goes down in a matter of minutes, and investigators don't think this is the first time this criminal has taken a life.         

"We saw a murderer do that murder on video and walk away as if nothing happened,” Smith said.  “We're asking the public for help to call in and get that murderer off the street."

Police say they don't have a motive, but they're begging for help.        

There were witnesses Monday morning who saw the shooting, and while officers know there is fear on the streets, knowing this man can kill so easily should push people to act and help lock him up.           

"If you know him, you know him, you've seen him, he's capable of doing this again and with your help we can take him off the street,” said Smith.  “This is what's gonna make Baltimore safer, if these bad guys realize that they can't operate in anonymity."

Police are looking for the two suspects, as well as the cars they pulled up in.  One is a blue or gray light colored sedan that officers think is an Acura, and the other appears to be a white mini-van.         

If you know anything about this murder, call Baltimore City Homicide Detectives.

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