Five shootings, two victims hit in 30 minute police pursuit of a gunman

Police involved in chase with suspected shooter
Police involved in chase with suspected shooter
Police involved in chase with suspected shooter
Police involved in chase with suspected shooter
Posted at 12:06 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 17:29:43-05

The pursuit started around noon Friday when police found a car they were looking for in connection with a triple shooting Thursday night that killed one person.

They found it in the Northwest district, but the suspect sped off starting a chase that went from Northwest to West to Southwest Baltimore and back again.

It was a 30 minute pursuit as police say the suspect fired a handgun and an assault style weapon at random people along the way.

There were five shootings in that time hitting two victims.

One victim is in grave condition tonight after getting shot in the head and police say another passenger in his car went into cardiac arrest.

The other victim was shot in the leg at a different location.

"Right now this does appear to be a complete random incident,” said Baltimore Police Chief T. J. Smith, “This doesn’t appear to be someone who was targeting these individuals. Again he did this while police were pursuing him and we are really, really fortunate that this wasn't worse."

While that statement may not fit into a story that includes a random shooting spree through the near entire west side of the city, police were referring to the fact that the snow forced schools to close early and this suspect was stopped by Mondawmin Mall just minutes before buses started dropping off children.

With all that, the police commissioner said his officers handled this pursuit by the book as this suspect beat this car down to the rims to evade them.

“God knows, if we would have let this guy go, just imagine the damage and the destruction of life that would have ensued but at some points during this pursuit the speeds were slower than at other times. You know this guy is obviously got significant issues,” Commissioner Kevin Davis said, “I have no idea what they are right now, but I am just glad he is in a pair of handcuffs."

Still, tonight there are at least two citizens in the hospital with gunshot wounds and one officer with a serious leg injury.

The commissioner says at least one of his officers did fire on the suspect's car but to no avail.

It was a challenging pursuit in that the suspect was heavily armed, firing and appearing to randomly box around the west side of the city.

When it did come to an end, police say it was his girlfriend who was right there to run up to the car and pull him out onto the ground.

Police say that they have about 6 crime scenes and are dealing with an even bigger wake of related car accidents, and destruction of property calls.

Detectives tonight remain fanned out across the city to see if any other shooting victims are admitted into area hospitals.

So far, police have yet to release the suspect’s name only saying he is a 30-year-old male from Baltimore.

The name of the suspect has not been released.