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Police criticized after Inner Harbor attack

Group of teens assaulted multiple victims
Posted at 5:51 PM, Nov 02, 2017

A week went by before word first surfaced of a pack of teens who assaulted a family of ten at the Inner Harbor angering Trashel Maye whose 18-year-old son also was attacked during the same melee.


"He heard screaming, and they started walking off and he said those kids just walked up to him.  One of them hit his friend first in the back of the head and then they were trying to get him and he tried to back up so they wouldn't get him, but he got him,” said Maye, “Unfortunately, they hit my son with something, which caused him to have two lacerations to his right eye."


Maye says paramedics sent her son on his way, and when he arrived home, she saw the deep gashes around his eye and drove him to a hospital to get stitches.


She is even more frustrated with police who won't return her phone calls, including the officer who showed up late at the scene to take a report.


"I haven't heard a thing,” said Maye, “Not 'Can you come identify?  Can you bring your son to identify?'  I haven't heard anything?"


Police only acknowledged the mass attack after reports surfaced in the media and they still appear to be avoiding mentioning Baltimore's biggest tourism draw, the Inner Harbor, by name.


"This is something that just popped up.  This is not a longstanding issue in that particular geography," said Baltimore Police Media Relations Chief T.J. Smith.


"I feel like they're trying to keep quiet about it, because that Inner Harbor is their money maker, and that's why I think there's no awareness here, because if people knew that was going on, they wouldn't go there," said Maye, "When are they going to do something about this?  Are you waiting for somebody to end up dead?"


Maye says, according to her son, several other people were attacked in the same incident, but they left the scene before police arrived.


She learned of the family of 10 that was targeted from the Mayor's Office after it received complaints from those victims after they returned to their home in New Jersey.