Police: 2 homicides in northwest Baltimore not related

Man riding bike shot, killed
Posted at 1:44 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 17:14:51-04

A 50-year-old man was killed Friday morning in the same northwest Baltimore block where a teenager was shot to death Thursday night.

Mrs. Frances Miller has lived on the corner of Wolcott and Fairview in northwest Baltimore for 56 years.

Walking out of her home to plant Easter flowers on her porch, she immediately saw there was nothing good about this Friday morning.

"It upsets me,” Miller said.“That is what I am saying. But what can I do other than pray."

She's praying for the two souls gunned down in direct view of her northwest Baltimore home. Friday morning she and her neighbors woke up to two crime scenes.

The first was just around the corner where Thursday night 16-year-old Shaquan Raymone Trusty was shot to death.

Police say they found a gun on Trusty and a different blood trail leading away from the scene. Both clues are strong leads that already have police looking into a robbery motive and a wounded suspect.

But in Baltimore, as one crime scene comes down another goes up.

Just one just a block away and down the same street, police say 50-year-old Victor Lane was shot to death while riding his bike Thursday morning.

The commissioner himself says despite the proximity, the two murders are not connected.

"The preliminary information that we have gathered about this particular homicide is that it has every indication that it may be domestic related. We believe with certainty that the murder this morning is in no way shape or form related to the murder last night," said Commissioner Kevin Davis.

That distinction, while important for police leaves little to no comfort for neighbors.

Folks like Mrs. Miller who this Easter weekend, wants to see more yellow in her flowers and not in the crime scene tape littering her street.

"We just have to pray, that's all. All the older citizens around here used to be very afraid but now it's like a new breed is coming in now. Ya know you just have to ask the lord to let him be in control and pray for your children."

Baltimore Police say residents in the neighborhood are cooperating and that they already have strong leads in both murders.

If you know anything about the shooting deaths of Shaquan Trusty and Victor Lane, call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP or text tips to 443-902-4824.


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