Baltimore Police have the murder weapon and a person of interest in custody in Lor Scoota killing

Posted at 11:46 AM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 06:20:10-04

Baltimore Police say they have recovered the murder weapon, and a person of interest is in custody for the shooting death of local rapper, Lor Scoota.

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Three days after 23-year-old Tyreise Watson was shot and killed after leaving a peace rally at Morgan State University, officers arrested 23-year-old Avery Walton.  He is considered a person of interest in Lor Scoota's murder.

"At this point we have not linked him directly to the murder," said Chief T.J Smith, Spokesperson for the Baltimore City Police Department.  "But obviously having the murder weapon is a big deal."

When officers picked Walton up, he also had a gun on him.  That firearm was the same one used to gun down Lor Scoota.

"There was a ballistic match, and that took some time to develop," Smith said.

Walton is still behind bars.  He is facing firearm and drug charges.

Eleven days after Lor Scoota was murdered, his manager was shot and killed in northwest Baltimore.

Detectives are still investigating if the homicides are connected.

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