Park Heights church burglarized 3 times in 3 weeks

Posted at 1:08 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 18:31:18-04

New Elizabeth Baptist Church has been around for 94-years, but this week church leaders installed metal bars on the front door of the church after it was burglarized three times within three weeks.

The first break-in happened back on July 12th, and the most recent was just last weekend.  Baltimore City Police are investigating if the trio of thefts are connected.

"Well I think it's terrible for somebody to rob a church like that," said Nanette Williams.

"People do anything for money anything for greed," Shawn Young said.

Police reports outline how the crimes went down.  Each time, the crooks got in by forcing their way through a door or window.  Once inside, the thieves ransacked the church, swiping flat screen TVs, donation money, and instruments.  New Elizabeth is out close to $11,000 after the burglaries.

"I think it's embarrassing and it's a statement how people feel about our community, you know, the disregard and disrespect by our community," said Harrison Foreman.

"Yeah that is crazy though, for stealing inside of a church, you know, that's God's house, how you steal from that, like you could walk inside and ask for anything, they damn near give it to you," Young said.

ABC 2 News reached out to church officials Friday, but didn't hear back.       

People who live in the neighborhood say stealing from a church is awful.          

"It’s not worth it, it's not worth it,” Foreman said.  “You taking from the church, you taking from God, you taking from God’s children.  And me personally, I don’t know how they can sleep at night, they need help."

If you know anything about any of the break-ins, call Baltimore City Police.  

ABC2 Reporter Catherine Hawley contributed to this report. Follow her on Twitter @CatherineABC2 and like her on Facebook.