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One-on-one with Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa

Posted at 11:33 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 05:15:58-04

Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa stopped by ABC2 to answer the pressing questions the public has on the Detective Suiter investigation.

Commissioner De Sousa says by the end of the week we'll have more information on the panel he put together to move forward in the investigation. 

The panel is said to have six people. Two of them are retired Baltimore Police Department members and four who are still experts in their field. 

"I'm empowering this panel to find causation, findings, and recommendations with respect to the incidence that happened when we lost Detective Sean Suiter," said De Sousa,"I truly believe that the Baltimore City Police homicide detectives should not have taken this case from the onset. I think it should've been another outside entity that took a look at this investigation. I didn't think it was fair for homicide investigators."

As for the state lawmakers looking at the city and the consent decree. Commissioner De Sousa says the more eyes we have on the investigation, the better.