Weekend shootings bring homicide count to 341

Posted at 7:03 PM, Dec 28, 2015

Crime tape is close to Christmas decorations.  W. North Avenue is where four people were shot Sunday evening around 7:30.  Two young girls, ages 11 and 12, were shot in the arm while inside a store.

"My children are 12, 10, and 9, and I have to keep them in the house.  Like I just feel safer,” said a mother.

Baltimore police told us a shooting victim is also their suspect, 18-year-old Jahi Hamilton, was shot by an accomplice.  Detectives looked at video from the area and spotted four victims.  Police said none of them were intended targets.

“As for the motive of this shooting, it appeared to be retaliatory for an incident that happened within the same hour about several blocks away where a female was also shot," said Col. Stanley Brandford, chief of detectives, Baltimore Police Dept.

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The two young girls were both shot in the arm.  The victims are expected to survive.

"We need some love," said Pam Harvey, who if friends with Darren Thomas, a victim from a weekend shooting.

Thomas was killed about 90 minutes later on Orleans St.  Detectives said he was shot multiple times.  Harvey said he got out of jail about a week ago.

"In my opinion, just like the riots, she needs to get down on these guns.  And we need the National Guard," Harvey said.

The second homicide victim of the Christmas weekend was on W. Lexington St., 23-year-old Ma'Ryan Wilson.  Friends know his as “Boka.”  Balloons and candles mark where he was killed Saturday afternoon.  Jamal Bell said he was like a brother.

"He was going to work.  He started working.  He worked for Amazon.  It's not like he was a bad person.  He was a good person," Bell said.

There have been at least seven shootings since Christmas day, two of them deadly, as Baltimore breaks a record for the annual homicide count.

"When people call me old lady, I smile because I'm glad to be here at my age because a lot of people don't get to be 50 something years old," Harvey said. 

Baltimore is up to 341 homicides for the year.  This time last year, the city had 209 killings.

Police hope members of the community speak up if they can help close any cases.