Baltimore City Police continue to investigate off-duty officer shooting

Officer killed man after breaking into his home
Posted at 11:28 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 23:34:34-04

A man is dead after a police involved shooting.  He entered an off-duty officer's house in northeast Baltimore Monday morning.  The two struggled and the officer shot the suspect with the gun he brought into the officer's home.

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The off-duty officer was surprised by the suspect around 1130 a.m. Tuesday. Those who live nearby are worried for their safety. 

"My house was broken into probably about 3-4 years ago which is one of the reasons while we got the alarm system so it's obviously something that needs to be addressed," resident Tyrone Greene, told ABC2.

"The officer was actually sleeping when he was confronted by the suspect he felt the presence he felt as though someone was there with him that's what alerted him and woke him up," Capt. Jarron Jackson of the Baltimore Police Department, said.

The unidentified, armed suspect broke in, startled the off-duty officer and demanded money; there was a struggle and then the officer wrestled the gun from the robber and shot him.

"It's really concerning especially with it being a off duty police officers home, that's really disturbing," said Greene.

The suspect died at the hospital but investigators say this could've ended very differently and are looking to see if the suspect is connected to similar crimes.

"Right now we are looking at different burglaries and different robberies and anything else that fits this pattern or anything we can link to this suspect," Jackson said.

Those who live here are worried and taking extra precautions.

One neighbor told ABC2, "I have to make sure I lock all my windows now and just be careful, I just can't believe that happened."

"I could be next anybody around here that I know, there are a lot of kids around here anybody could be next," said Greene.

The names of the officer and the suspect are being withheld while police investigate.