Baltimore man accused of targeting African Americans in NYC

Police: Jackson went to NYC to harm black men
Posted at 11:36 PM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 22:32:44-04

The New York and Baltimore police departments are investigating a possible hate crime involving a Baltimore man.

Police say James Jackson, an Army veteran, went to New York City targeting African Americans. He told police he doesn't like interracial relationships and is said to have a deep seeded hatred of black men and wanted his voice to be heard.

Jackson turned himself into New York officials, but not before allegedly stabbing and killing a black man on a Manhattan street Monday night.

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A neighborhood he lives in is a quiet place where neighbors are shocked.

"My husband grew up here and my husband's family they're all from here, my children are right down the road so it's crazy," said resident, Jenny Norman.

Surveillance video shows Jackson walking down a Midtown street, it's not clear if this was right after or before the stabbing of 66-year-old Timothy Caughman, the man he allegedly killed Monday night.

"He was roaming through the streets, did not attack anyone else as far as we know right now. But the thought was there," said Assistant Chief William Aubry, Commander of Manhattan's Detective Squad.

Investigators are looking into Jackson's background, but say he's harbored feelings of hate towards black men for over a decade. 

"He told detectives, I'd rather not get too specific, but in general, he came here to target male blacks," said Aubry.

"You need to arrest me," is what Jackson said as he turned himself into officials. Police found two knives on him including a 26-inch sword.

Aubry said he picked New York to make a statement in the "media capitol of the world."

This is being investigated as a hate crime. Jackson is in custody and faces murder charges.

Baltimore police are assisting the NYPD officials working in Baltimore investigating the case.


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