Neighbors speak out about NE Baltimore shooting

Posted at 5:52 PM, Apr 22, 2016
A community is on notice after four people were shot during a get together Thursday night in Northeast Baltimore. And police say it's more than just a random hit.
Baltimore police arrested Stephon Carroll Friday for his alleged involvement in the shooting.  He's been arrested in Baltimore county for theft and domestic violence in the past, and now he faces four counts of first degree attempted murder.
Now, the neighborhood is worried that the violence may not be over. 
"It's getting too close and it's getting really dangerous around here now," resident Samuel Pearson said.
Pearson has lived in North Baltimore neighborhood, where the shooting happened, for years.  
"It's a nice, little neighborhood around here, everybody speak to each other."
But Thursday night, when shot rang out around 9 p.m. during a party along the 4800 block of Frankford Street, he realized his neighborhood isn't what it used to be. 
"It just don't make no sense," Pearson said.
Police say Carroll drove down the street, got out of his SUV and opened fire on a crowd.  But this was no random shooting.
"From what we understand there's an ongoing neighborhood dispute between Carroll and this particular family at the house,"  Donny Moses of the Baltimore Police Department said.
A dispute that finally exploded in a gunfire, injuring four people, including a 12-year-old boy.
"People getting shot, babies getting shot, kids getting shot, grown ups getting shot old people getting shot,"  Pearson said.
Police were out in force in the area on Friday but say this was a lone act of violence.
"Our suspect knows the family, it was a targeted incident so we don't feel like this is something that will be trending," Moses said.
Still, the hope is that this shooting will serve as a teaching moment for the community. 
"Gunfire should never be an option, it should never be an option and that's something that we have to each take part in teaching," Moses said.
The four victims were released from the hospital. Those close to them did not want to speak to ABC2 because they were scared someone who knows the suspect may try to hurt them. 

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