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Mothers of murdered children 'forgiving' homicide suspects in Baltimore

Posted at 7:15 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 19:21:45-04

One by one, their stories are gut-wrenching. 

The pain still is so real for mothers of sons who were killed years ago. 

"You can change. You have to. You have to make a change in your life. Get off these streets. This is not the answer," Dorothy Scribern said. 

But these mothers of murdered sons and daughters are looking for a solution. 

While the children are gone, Daphne Alston -- one of the spokeswomen for the group -- says the value for life is dwindling at a rapid pace. 

"It's like catch me if you can. They're dropping bodies every day all day. Now friends are killing friends, neighbors are killing neighbors. People they went to school with," Alston said. 

But she says the mothers are taking a different approach -- a path of forgiveness.

"We feel like if we can forgive these young men and women for their past transgressions. It will open their hearts up and allow them to free themselves to go get help for themselves," Alston said. 

Help for a virus of violence the women call it that's plagued each of their lives at some point and so many others. 

"The worst nightmare is when you think that your home is your sanctuary and that no harm will come to your child," Giselle Morch, whose son was killed in Silver Springs, said. 

An all too real mentality for these mothers and a reality they're hoping to change for a generation.

"Look at your mother and look her in the face and say do I want my mother to feel what these mothers standing behind me and I feel," Sribern said.