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Mother reunited with missing 14-day-old baby

Father arrested & child left at fire station
Posted at 5:47 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-06 17:49:58-05

Almost four days after her disappearance, 14-day-old Milan Butler returns to the arms of her mother.

"I would have never thought any of this would happen.  I'm just happy she's home," said Janae Owens who spent nine months awaiting her child's birth only to have her taken away when the birth father stormed out of her apartment complex in Northeast Baltimore with her without saying a word.

"Nothing.  He just ran.  He just ran out with her,” said Owens, “She had no hat on.  No coat.  No blanket.  No nothing."
A close neighbor had looked on helplessly as 25-year-old Dorian Butler left the building with the baby in his arms, and Owens trailing helplessly behind them.

"She was running out.  She was distraught.  I just jumped out of my car and said, 'Are you okay?' and 'That's my baby!'" said Dasianique Lester, "To see that her baby was missing---that broke my heart, because I can't imagine something happening to my kids.  Once she told me this morning the baby was found, it was a relief."
Police tracked down the father and arrested him, but Milan's whereabouts remained a mystery until someone dropped her off at a fire station in Baltimore County.

"A couple of our guys were in the kitchen at the Westview Fire Station when someone pulled up in a vehicle, knocked on the door of the station with a baby, holding a baby, and asked to be let in,” said Elise Armacost of the Baltimore County Fire Department, “The person said, 'This is Milan.  She's been on the news.'  They handed us the baby and the person immediately left."
After four days, Janae Owens could finally put her worst fears behind her.

"I haven't ate.  I haven't slept,” said Owens, “It's just been an ongoing thing until we found her."

While Milan's father won't face kidnapping charges, because of his relationship to the baby, he is facing three counts of burglary in connection with the incident, and Milan's mother went to court today and was granted temporary custody with the child's welfare in mind.