34 cases dismissed because of police body cam video

Posted at 2:42 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 17:40:20-04

The video released on July 18 by the Officer of the Public Defender, was taken during a drug arrest in January. It shows an officer placing a can in a trash-filled lot as two other officers look on, then activating the camera and returning to pick up the can and pulling out a plastic bag of white capsules.

“A public defender was preparing for trial. He received the body camera footage in the course of discovery and he reviewed when he first came in, I think in March or April,” Debbie Levi, an attorney with the Office of the Public Defender, said. “He didn’t quite catch it, and then upon closer inspection in preparation for trial he realized it.”

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In his own press conference, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said, "We have not reached any conclusions because that is what an investigation is for, but to let that initial video released by the Public Defender’s Office stand all by its lonesome I think doesn't paint as clear of a picture that we would like to offer to the community right now.” 

Mosby said the three officers were tied to approximately 123 open cases. However, she couldn't comment on the allegations against the officers because it's part of an open and pending investigation. She did say the credibility of the officers is now being called into question.

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The dismissed cases are largely felony drug and firearm charges. Mosby said her review team identified 12 viable cases where all the defendants remain incarcerated. Forty more cases are still in the review process. 

Mosby also said there's another video, which could possibly depict police misconduct. She couldn't elaborate on the video, but said it's under review by internal affairs. 

She says she's working in tandem with Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, making transparency a top priority. 

One of the officers has been suspended, the other two were placed on non-contact administrative duty.