Men robbed by suspect posing as a woman on dating sites

Posted at 7:05 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 19:05:05-04

It's a pattern Northeast District police detectives began to see in the last few weeks, and all along the 3200 to 3600 blocks of Lyndvale Avenue off Belair Road.

Men said they were robbed after attempting to meet in person, a girl they met online.

"In this particular case, our cyber detectives and our district detectives are working hand in hand. This is a very complicated case because like you said, they are using these websites...and then pulling these profiles down afterwards," Lt. Jaron Jackson said.

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The male suspect's digital weapon of choice are the dating sites and apps of or

In each of the cases so far, the suspect created a fake profile posing as a woman, chatted with men from outside the city and via text message, lured them into the alleys or near the vacant homes of parts of Lyndvale Avenue in Baltimore.

Once there, the victim was robbed of personal belongings

In one instance the suspect grabbed the man and said, “Give me your phone. I’ve gotta gun.”

"At this point we know we have up to four instances of this, again no one was hurt but these suspects are continuing to post these profiles and take them down," Jackson said.

Police do not know if they are dealing with one or more suspects.

The descriptions are vague at best and in each instance, the suspect ran away.

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