Man who led police on car chase wanted for murder, several non-fatal shootings

Posted at 2:32 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 07:18:31-05

Baltimore Police provided an update Monday after a man was arrested and charged for multiple shootings, a murder and leading police on a high-speed chase through part of west Baltimore on Friday.

It starts innocently enough with a traffic stop.

In the body camera video of the officer who initiated the stop, you can see Mausean Carter complying, but after a few minutes as the officer approaches the car a second time to have him step out, he speeds off.

As the officer pursues, not 30 seconds later do you hear Carter fire his weapon.

The pursuit would lead police on a chase that boxed around West Baltimore, all the while Carter firing both his handgun and assault style rifle.

Carter shoots five times, striking two people who we learned today will survive their injuries.

The chase lasted about 45 minutes before coming to an end near where it began near Mondawmin Mall.

Police say the woman who pulls Carter from the car is his girlfriend who had been in contact with him through the pursuit.

You can more clearly see that here from an officer's body camera during the arrest.

That woman, Commissioner Kevin Davis says, may have played a pivotal role in this entire story not ending in even more bloodshed.

"Maybe she de-escalated this. Maybe he wasn’t intending to ever stop, maybe she played a role in making this scenario end better, as bad as it was, better than it could have ended. So maybe she had a significant role in that," Davis said.

Because now police are saying Carter's shooting spree dates back to the week before.

It started with a nonfatal drive-by shooting on December 8th followed by two murders on Thursday before starting this shooting spree late Friday morning.

And all of it coming to an end just minutes before school was dismissed early for Friday's snow.

"In the overall spectrum of things, if we are looking for any silver linings, it’s the fact that this concluded before the snow began, before the kids got out of school," Chief T.J. Smith said.

Meanwhile Carter had a bail review this morning and is being held without bail on a litany of attempted murder, assault and handgun related charges.