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Man stabbed 26 times, killer convicted of murder

Posted at 2:24 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 14:24:04-04

A man was convicted of second-degree murder for his role in the stabbing death of another man after a gas station brawl last June, the Baltimore State's Attorney's Office said Monday.

Jason Alcindor was convicted by a Baltimore City Jury Monday. He faces a potential 30-year prison term for the killing when he is sentenced on Sept. 6.

The incident stems from a fight at a gas station in the 2700 block of Washington Boulevard on June 5, 2017. Police were called to the station around 12:23 a.m. but found neither the attacker nor the victim. 

A search of local hospitals turned up the victim, Timothy Campbell, who was taken to the emergency room by his girlfriend. He was suffering from stab wounds to the head, neck, torso and arms. He was pronounced dead sooner than an hour after the attack. 

The girlfriend told police that the person who stabbed Campbell was her ex-boyfriend, Alcindor. Police found Alcindor a few blocks away from the crime scene in a vehicle cleaning blood from his body and clothes. He was arrested without incident, saying the stabbing of Campbell was self defense.

Investigators reviewed video footage from gas station surveillance and eyewitness cellphones showing Alcindor as the aggressor in the fight. A fistfight turned more violent about a minute in when Alcindor pulled his knife. Campbell tried to escape and allude Alcindor, shouting for help as Alcindor pursued.

“I hope that this verdict brings solace to Mr. Campbell’s loved ones,” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said. “This was a brutal attack, and the defendant responsible for his death deserves to be punished for it.”