Man robbed & shot by hack in Druid Hill Park

Shooting shows danger of unlicensed cab rides
Posted at 4:56 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 18:18:48-04
Some wait for a bus, while others order up a cab or a private ride service, but in Baltimore, those looking for a value look for a hack or an unlicensed ride.
"It's cheaper than catching a cab and it gets you all across town,” said Shawnette Smith of West Baltimore. “The average fare for a cab might cost you over $20 from West to East, and for hacking, it might be like $10."
One such bargain hunter in Glen Burnie last night got more than he bargained for when the hack giving him a ride to Baltimore took a detour.
"The driver took a turn or a shortcut through Druid Hill Park and that's where this driver actually shot the victim and robbed him of $400 and a cell phone," said Lt. Nicholas Edwards.
The victim told police he scrambled to get out of the vehicle and was able to wave down another car for help that transported him to mercy medical center for treatment.
Police say it looks like he will survive a flesh wound to the upper torso, but it underscores the danger of trying to score a cheap ride.
"You get into these cars and you don't know where these individuals are taking you. They could go anywhere except for the destination that you have asked them to take you,” said Edwards. “It's not like an Uber or a Lyft or a taxicab or even sedans that are dispatched to an area. They have a number. You know the driver.You make a payment in advance. With these, you just don't know."
It's a point well taken even by those who hack, who can also refuse to jump into an unlicensed cab if they suspect something is amiss.
"You get a vibe like somebody's up to something or they may be intoxicated. I'm just not willing to take that chance," said Smith, "You can get abducted and also they might rob you."
The shooting happened just after 11p.m. Thursday in Druid Hill Park, and if you saw or heard anything, you're asked to call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.