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Man kills father, hides body in basement in Baltimore's Govans neighborhood

Posted at 12:27 PM, Apr 18, 2019

BALTIMORE — On Saturday, police say Patricia Jackson left her home on Halwyn Avenue in Govans to do some shopping leaving her husband and son alone at the house, and it wasn't until Sunday afternoon that she learned her spouse, 60-year-old Ruben Jackson, Senior had been killed in her absence.

"We have reports that the victim's wife went downstairs to do laundry and saw something just wasn't right," said Baltimore Police Detective Nicole Monroe.

According to charging documents, it was a blanket out of place, which concealed the body of her husband lying face down in a pool of blood.

"They spoke to neighbors and witnesses and they heard that there had been a dispute between father and son the day before,” said Monroe, “One thing led to another and after speaking with the suspect who was the son, it was determined that he was the one that committed the murder. In fact, he admitted to it."

Police found a trail of blood inside the house, which suggested 27-year-old Ruben Jackson, Junior had shot his father multiple times in the head inside the dining room and then dragged his body through the kitchen and down into the basement to try to cover up his crime.

"The son was a loner. He was a loner,” said Alice Blackwell, “You never saw him with anybody other than his mom. He was a loner."

A longtime neighbor, Blackwell says the younger Jackson was a homebody, totally dependent upon his parents and a person who never got into trouble.

"My heart goes out to him,” said Blackwell, “He's a nice, young man, and the father? Nice man. He was always tinkering. They have a lot of automobiles. I think about five of them. He was always tinkering with them. Kept his yard immaculate. I had to pay somebody to come do mine. They didn't so she was blessed, you know?"