Man shot by police now charged with murder

Posted at 11:28 PM, Mar 02, 2016

For nine months his family had no answers.

"Kevin Jones was a young man in his early 20's who's waking up at 4 a.m. to walk to work,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis.

Back on June 7 the 22-year-old was minutes from clocking in at his job as a security guard at Pimlico race track.  But he never made it.

"A single gunman approached Kevin Jones with an apparent motive to rob him, and shot Kevin Jones several times, killing him," Commissioner Davis said.

He died in the parking lot.

Wednesday, Baltimore Police announced they have Jones' killer behind bars, Keith Davis, Jr.  Investigators say they have a strong case against the 24-year-old.

"Keith Davis' print was recovered from that firearm, so that puts him in possession of that firearm,” Commissioner Davis said.  “And that firearm was ballistically matched to the evidence at the scene of the murder."

Officers were able to get the gun because of an incident that happened about five hours later and less than a mile from the murder scene. 

According to police, Davis had attempted to rob an unlicensed cab driver, and led officers on a foot chase to an auto garage.  Inside he confronted them with a gun, and Davis was shot in the face.

While that case has been controversial, police say they have solid evidence in the murder.

"Keith Davis' cell phone records were recovered and examined by the FBI and place him in direct proximity of Kevin Jones' murder," said Commissioner Davis.

ABC2 News tried to speak with Jones' family Wednesday night, but no one was home.  Investigators tell us loved ones are glad they finally have justice in this tragedy, saying Jones was a fun-loving guy who kept to himself, and he had just been accepted to college.

"They describe him as a funny young man who'd do anything for anyone,” said Baltimore City Police Spokesperson, T.J. Smith.  “They called him an old soul."

Davis was in trial last week for the other incident, he was convicted of having a gun as a felon.

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