Man charged in Fells Point hit and run crash

Posted at 5:40 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 17:42:57-05
The video has close to half a million views on YouTube. The man recording thought he was capturing the type of end of the night fight that he is relatively used to seeing in a popular area like Fells Point.

"It was almost sort of this is 'here we go again' for me. I've seen this two times actually which is unfortunate. But once he starts squealing wheels and he rams the car at the light, now anything can happen," he told ABC2.

What happened next has 27 year old Jill Borum in the hospital with severe injuries.

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Police say it was Orlando Redd behind the wheel. They said before the video starts Redd was attacked and got in his van to get away.

His sister, Dee Philips, said that is the only way her brother would do what he did.

"That's not who he is. He was not a drunken maniac trying to run people over. He was a man who was fearful for his life and trying to get away," Philips said.

Philips said her brother has been in trouble with the law before but has been doing well since getting out of jail in October 2014. Redd now faces a number of charges including 1st and 2nd degree assault and two counts of endangerment.

There was no answer at his Parkville apartment door Monday afternoon. His neighbors could only recall seeing him in passing.

The focus for more than 1,200 people has turned from the shocking video to newlywed Borum and her recovery.

Donations, anywhere from $5 to $500, have been coming in every couple minutes since a Go Fund Me page was set up on Saturday.

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