One arrested in string of Memorial Day robberies

Posted at 2:05 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 17:49:59-04
It is one of Northwest Baltimore's hidden beauties made up of up and coming young Orthodox Jewish families, and that's what prompted Jeffrey Arnstein to move to Upper Park Heights.
"It’s a safe neighborhood.  That’s why I can walk around here,” Arnstein said. “The people who live here are so homogeneous and a lot of them are armed so it's safe."
But early Monday, it was three criminals who were armed driving around looking for unsuspecting motorists and people walking along the sidewalk to rob them of their bank cards, cash and cell phones.
There were four such robberies in just over an hour's time.
"In each of those cases, it was the same M.O. and we found out that the same suspects had committed those robberies in that small amount of time,” said Det. Donny Moses of the Baltimore City Police Department, “In each case, they got out of a dark-colored SUV.  All three suspects were armed with knives, and we were able to actually identify two of the suspects relatively quickly."
Within 24 hours of the crimes, police had arrested 19-year old Brandon Wright, they had issued a warrant for a second suspect and they're asking the public to help identify yet a third one---the young man pictured in a surveillance video.
Police are crediting the victims and other witnesses with providing them with the information they needed to track them down so quickly.
"Criminals just are scared here,” said Arnstein, “I'm amazed.  They were goofballs.  They weren't thinking.  This is not the right place to do that."
If you recognize the suspect that was captured on camera or you have any other information that could help police, you're asked to call detectives at 410-396-2466.

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